What’s Would Happen To The Brangelina Kids In Arizona?

November 17, 2016 Cindy Best

By now you know that Brad and Angelina are headed for a divorce. They are in California, of course, and California law will apply. But what if they were in Arizona? First, if the parents make the decision about parenting time and legal decision making, there would be no court involvement and the parents would reduce it to writing and sign a parenting agreement that gets filed with the court. Arizona favors a 50-50 parenting plan for children and there are typical plans such as week on and week off and a 5-5-2-2 plan is also a favorite. One parent has the kids every Monday and Tuesday and the other parent has the kids every Wednesday and Thursday and then the parent rotate every other weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Sounds complicated but it is not. Arizona also favors joint legal decision making for two fit parents. That means the parents share all major decisions about medical care, education, sports, recreation activities, and religion. These decisions are made much the same way they are made in a family that is not divorced. This is in a perfect world and it gets complicated, stressful, and expensive if the parents do not agree.


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