What is the hurry?

June 2, 2020 Cindy Best

There is no hurry to get a divorce. I usually tell clients that there is an emotional divorce and a financial divorce in this process. Sometimes one lags far behind the other. For instance, one spouse files for the divorce and is so checked out emotionally that all they want to do is divide the assets, the debts and move on. The other spouse wants to drag his/her feet because this is all a surprise. But starting the process seems to go much smoother when both parties are ready to call it quits and get moving forward. So, if you are contemplating a divorce and are not quite ready, there is no rush. But if you are contemplating a divorce and there are complicated financial issues, you might want to know your rights and obligations so you can make good decisions about timing and the process. Talking to an experienced divorce attorney is an excellent idea so you can have a road map going forward.


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