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What is Grey Divorce?

What is Grey Divorce?

Cindy Best

What is grey divorce? Basically people over the age of 50 are getting divorced in record numbers. They have greatly different issues than younger couples who get divorced. The major issues are generally health care, retirement, prenups, postnups, and how am I going to live financially. It is important to understand prenups and decide whether they are valid and what they actually mean under Arizona law. It is important to understand the difference between community property and sole and separate property. Grey divorces are also concerned with adult children to make sure that they are not being slighted somehow by a settlement with an aging parent. It is also important to know about the powers of attorney, health care directives and finances. Grey divorces are sometimes not the first divorce for couples and they are extremely more interested in settling and mediation. They want to know their rights and resolve the issues quickly and efficiently. And, that is a great idea.

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