What If I Don’t Want Salad and Potato With my Steak?

Cindy Best

Have you ever walked into a restaurant and they make you only buy a complete meal? You have to have a hamburger with fries and a shake. You have to have salad and potato with your steak. You are required to have bacon and hash browns with your eggs. How often would you go to that restaurant? I am guessing, not many. So why do law firms act like the restaurants that you don’t want to go to? Best Law Firm does not. To continue the food thing, you can just buy meatloaf and potatoes and gravy without a salad. Or you can just buy a sandwich. What? How does this work for a law firm? You can hire us to just answer your questions in a consult without any other “side dish.” We can just draft your documents without a large retainer. We do this on a flat fee. We can just do one thing for you; such as go to court or draft whatever you might need. We can also help you end the process by mediation or drafting your final docs. There is no need to order one size fits all meal from your attorney. We “unbundle” our legal services to better serve you. We can just get you a plate of eggs without bacon.

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