What if I was the one served?

Cindy Best

If your spouse/partner filed the action against you, you must file a responsive pleading. You have a time limit, so make sure you know what it is. If you were served in the state of Arizona, you have 20 days to respond, if you are out of state, you have 30 days. Your response should track the petition, paragraph by paragraph. You will “admit” the true things that are in the petition, such as the date of your marriage, your name, the county you live in. If you dispute some item, you respond with “deny,” such as: “Denies Paragraph V as to spousal maintenance, because husband is capable of working to support himself.” If you have any questions, you should consult an attorney. DO NOT IGNORE THE PETITION. You will set yourself up for default, and that can be very dangerous. Remember to be ready to pay your responsive filing fee of $256 (at the time of this writing) when you file your response.

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