What Do I Need To Know About PreNups? (Part 2)

Cindy Best

You will not be responsible for paying her debt that was incurred prior to marriage. You could be responsible for her school debt incurred after marriage in certain circumstances. If you are planning on getting married, you should know about each others’ finances so you can know how the money situation is going to go. It will save arguments and disputes and it might even be divorce prevention. Money disputes are often one of the major causes of divorce. If you resolve these issues prior to marriage, you may avoid divorce court. Inheritance; you should keep this money in a sole and separate account unless you plan on giving half of it to your spouse. Once you put it into a joint account, you might have “gifted” it to your spouse and they will be entitled to half of it under the law. A prenup can also handle this money so you can avoid the plan that Uncle Sam has for you.

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