What About Curling and Cricket?

Cindy Best

Most Americans, it is safe to say don’t know much about curling or cricket. So, if you were invited to go curling or play cricket, I doubt whether you would show up in your soccer uniform or track clothes. You might show up in your professional suit but that might not be a good idea either. What if someone told you to just show up and start playing? Just show up and begin curling and start playing cricket. You would ask them if they were crazy. You don’t know the first thing about curling or cricket, you don’t know the rules, the uniform, the strategy, the team, the field or the ice, the shoes to wear, or how long the competition lasts. Showing up like that is a bit like going to a divorce mediation without knowing anything about the law, the rules, your rights, or the likely outcomes. You would never just show up for cricket or curling without knowing quite a bit…or at least you would make sure you would go with someone who knows…someone like a coach to help you.  In a divorce mediation analogy, you might want to take an attorney who can teach and coach you through the process. Don’t just show up and expect to know what you are doing without learning and taking your own advocate with you.

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