Top Three Initial Divorce Decisions

Cindy Best

If you feel overwhelmed, perhaps you could stop and make a list. Your future might not seem so daunting if you stop and list what decisions you need to make. First, how will you have money? Do you make enough to pay bills from month to month? Second, where will you live? Can you stay in your home and can you take care of the children or the other expenses that you have to pay? Third, do you have a plan for the legal issues? You can go online and learn from websites. You can read The Divorce Coach book. You can decide to interview attorneys and get your legal questions answered. I encourage you to consider getting some legal advice so you know what issues you have and what legal concepts you might need to know and understand. Once you know the lay of that legal land, you will be able to modify your first two decisions and make a game plan to go forward. Then you will be ready to make your next three decisions.

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