Too Early? Christmas And Thanksgiving

Cindy Best

Peace. You need to consider that your kids only have one childhood. You will have a lifetime to be with them and the memories that you create now will always be part of your history. You get to help write that history for your children. Do you want them to have happy holiday memories or do you want them to experience conflict, anxiety, and sadness? It really is up to you. I know what you are thinking…my ex is the one who causes all the problems…I will not do it but they will. Well, you should know what I am going to say…take the high road for your kids. If she is 15 minutes late for whatever…let it go. If she changes her mind at the last minute about whatever, let it go. If he decides to bring his girlfriend to the Thanksgiving parade at school, be gracious and smile. Your child is watching you. If he drops the kids off late for the church service, sit in the back and just be quiet and smile. Your children will thank you for the peace you give their childhood.  

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