The Whole Truth, Nothing but the Truth or Should I Really Tell My Attorney The Truth?

Cindy Best

Sometimes you meet a client and begin to wonder how the situation they find themselves in could have possibly happened. Then you investigate and get the paperwork and discover that you were only told part of the story. And as the old radio show with Paul Harvey used to say: “and now you know the rest of the story.” We eventually find out because if it is bad information, your spouse knows and his or her attorney knows and it will come out somehow and someway. It is way less fun to find out in trial or court and it could hurt your case. And, it is wrong and unethical.  But your attorney has to know all the facts… there is no such thing as “alternate facts.” Facts are facts. Some facts might be disputed and that is then up for the judge to decide in a family law matter. But your attorney needs to know all the facts if he or she is going to best represent you. Shorthand version of this idea: do not lie to your lawyer.

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