What About Other Child Expenses That Are Not Included in the Child Support Worksheet?

One parent will be required to maintain health insurance for the children, and it there are any medical/dental/vision/orthodontia expenses not covered by insurance, the parties will often divide those expenses in proportion to their incomes.

Can Child Support be Modified?

Child support is modifiable if there is a change in circumstances that would result in a fifteen (15) percent change in the support amount; moreover, the support terminates upon the emancipation of the child. In Arizona, emancipation occurs at age 18 or high school graduation, whichever occurs later, but not later than age 19.

Do I Have to Pay Child Support if I Do Not Have a Job or Lose My Job?

Yes, you are under a court order to continue to pay child support. If the unfortunate circumstance occurs and a parent does not have employment, it may be necessary for that parent to request that the court modify the child support obligation to reflect the current situation.

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