Summertime and covid-19

June 30, 2020 Cindy Best

There are as many ways to handle the virus as families try their best to go through this crisis. When you add in the stress of trying to get 2 families on the same page if they are sharing children, the stresses increase. It might be a good idea to try and decide upon a mutual path so both families feel the least amount of anxiety, For instance, if one family believes it is unsafe to eat out at restaurants and one family wants to take the kids out to eat on their time, what is the solution? Perhaps this is not the time to have such battles. Maybe the families can agree on not going out to eat while the pandemic is in full swing so that both families feel safe. The least amount of anxiety we can have for ourselves, our families and our children, the better. Any maybe summer is a good time to give each parent an extended amount of time with the kids and switch them back and forth less often. An email can suffice as a written agreement between the parents on a temporary basis without any need for attorneys.


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