Spring Has Sprung

Cindy Best

Spring has sprung. Flowers are blooming and the sun is shining. The weather is gorgeous and now you are in the middle of a divorce. Perhaps you could try and adopt this sunshiny spring has sprung attitude and try and settle your issues with your soon to be ex…Perhaps you will allow this infusion of spring is in the air keep you smiling and thinking positively. Throw out the negative and allow the spring clean air into your thoughts. How? Mediation in one word. Mediate and get it over with. I did not suggest you throw in the towel. I suggest you consider working out a win win strategy to resolve all your issues and put it in writing and be done with it. After all, after spring comes summer and summer is just plain fun. I know it’s not easy or pleasant or fun to go through any litigation or divorce but you can stop and smell the roses, look on the bright side, and get it over with as nicely as possible.

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