Spousal Maintenance and COVID-19

March 31, 2020 Cindy Best

Video Transcript

“Hi, my name is Cindy Best with Best Law Firm, and we are here to help you answer your questions during this pandemic. These questions are about spousal maintenance.” My spousal maintenance award was issued last year and I have now lost my job. What will happen?” Well, that depends an awful lot on what your spousal maintenance says. If you had a court order that was entered into by a judge, it’s modifiable and you can go back to the court and modify it.

Before we would do something like that, we would try to get ahold of the other side, see if we can come to an arrangement, maybe even on a temporary basis and see if we could suspend or reduce the amount of spousal maintenance until the job was restored and we would look to see if we met all the legal requirements in order to file a modification. If you had a settlement and is non-modifiable, that would be a little tougher issue and we’d have to talk about all the circumstances and facts that surround that. If it’s non-modifiable, generally, you cannot ever modify it. But like I said, if it was a court order, then perhaps so.”


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