Simple ways to serving the other party here in Arizona (Continued)

September 7, 2012 Cindy Best

When people think of service, they generally think of a process server doing the job. With this method, you hire a process server to physically deliver those documents to your spouse. You will need to give the process server specific information as to where he or she can find your spouse. It is best to be as specific as possible and provide the process server a picture, so that he or she can identify your spouse. After the process server serves the documents on your spouse, the process server will file an affidavit of service with the court.

Finally, there is service by the Sheriff. This is usually not the most efficient way to serve the other party. First, a deposit of $200.00 is required for this method. You may ask the Sheriff’s Office for a deferral or waiver of these fees. To ask the Sheriff’s Office to serve your documents, you will need to fill out two (2) forms. (Both forms are on the Maricopa Superior Court website.) If you live in Maricopa County and want to serve the papers in Maricopa County, you can bring the documents to the Maricopa Sheriff’s Office, Civil Unit, 201 West Jefferson Street, First Floor, Central Court Building, Phoenix, Arizona 85003. Their telephone number is (602) 876-1840.


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