Scottsdale Airpark News Article: Best Law Firm Offers Customized Legal Representation

Cindy Best

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Best Law Firm Offers Customized Legal Representation

-By Alison Stanton

With almost three decades of legal experience under her belt, family law attorney Cindy Best has learned that no two clients or cases are alike.

Best also knows that the same legal approach will not work for everyone.

Because of this, she and her attorneys at Best Law Firm in Scottsdale and Phoenix strive to offer customized legal representation for clients.

“The thing that makes us different is that we will do what people need,” Best says.

The 9-year-old Best Law Firm focuses on family law and serves clients throughout Maricopa County.

After spending the first part of her law career in business litigation, Best says she was inspired to switch gears and focus on family law.

“I thought it would have a more personal impact on peoples’ lives, as opposed to business,” she says. “We help people every day who are going through tough times. It’s very rewarding.”

In some cases, Best says, clients may need legal advice or help in developing a legal strategy to protect their assets and obtain custody of their children.

In other instances, new clients may call the firm in a panic because they have a hearing coming up very quickly and they have not hired an attorney.

“If someone has a hearing tomorrow or next month, we will work out a fee and go with them. We have a variety of vehicles to help them.”

The law firm’s website is also filled with resources for the public, Best says.

“The website has videos and other information, and we will also give away a free copy of my book ‘The Divorce Coach,’” she says.

Best says her firm offers male and female attorneys with a wide range of experience so clients may choose depending on their preference.

“My partner Robbie Hendricks and I always believe in being kind and courteous to everyone, and he is very experienced as a litigator and does an excellent job.”

In addition to offering her clients top-quality and personalized legal representation, Best says she enjoys watching them realize that their situations are going to improve.

“Sometimes our clients like to talk about their problems and they are under so much stress that they do have to talk about them,” she says.

“We like to be creative and think of strategies and solutions so that they can move forward, and figure out where to go from there.”

Best says she and the other attorneys also especially enjoy working with new clients who heard about them from friends or family.

“The real reward is when we get referrals from clients who we worked with maybe five or six years ago,”

Best Law Firm is located at 14362 N. Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd. in Scottsdale and at 5450 E. High St., Suite 260, in Phoenix. For more information, call (480) 219-2433 or visit




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