Rocking Chairs Keep You Busy

Cindy Best

You’re thinking you want to get a divorce? Are you thinking you want more time with your children but the mother will not let you? Are you confused about the law and how it applies to your situation?  Are you confused about how and where to get information? I have an idea for you as you start the new year. You might want to consider an attorney consultation and get your questions answered. Call us today and set up a one hour consult for $100 and get ready to meet with one of our experienced attorneys in family law. Write down your questions. Write down what’s most important to you. Write down your fears and your worries. Mark Twain once said: “worry is like sitting in a rocking chair…it keeps you busy but doesn’t get you anywhere.” Worry and anxiety take a toll on your health. Get answers and get a plan to help yourself feel better and move forward.

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