Please Pass the Kleenex

Cindy Best

Divorce brings tears and sadness. It is confusing and overwhelming. It is scary and can be expensive. Divorce attorneys know that all these things are true. So, when you meet with an attorney you should feel better, right?

When we meet with new clients it is our job, in part, to help bring clarity and a plan. I tell our clients that they should always feel better after talking with us. We do not generate more fear and uncertainty. We focus on finding solutions and resolutions. We explain the process to you. We answer all your questions. We will tell you there are many ways to go through this process, there are many services that we offer, and many different plans to choose from depending on cost. And, when we deal with the “other side” of your case, we do not throw gas on the fire. We narrow the issues and find effective stratgies for resolution. And, we have compassion. We really do care and we have the knowledge that we have helped other clients just like you.

When you come to our office for your consultation or a meeting, rest assured. We understand and we have experience. So, as we are sitting and talking and you get a bit teary eyed, no worries. We will just pass you the kleenex, because it will be right there.

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