Pitt Slams Jolie For Revealing Private Details About Their Kids

Cindy Best

I do not know Brad or Angelina. I have not read their legal papers. But I read the headline and article about the children’s privacy. I do not know if it is true. But I have seen it happen over and over. Parents think their children cannot read or hear what is going on but they obviously can. Sometimes parents think they are getting back at their spouse by using their kids as weapons. This would not be the first time for that. But parents should stop and think and think hard. How would you like to be your kid and go through what you are making your kids go through? And why isn’t someone’s lawyer helping the emotional spouse make better decisions for the sake of the kids? The attorney should not be emotionally involved. They should help the parent calm down. So, please…if this is you: just stop it.

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