Penny Wise and Pound Foolish

Cindy Best

I had a call the other day from someone who inherited over a million dollars from their father but then bulked at paying $100 for a one hour attorney consult. I instantly thought of the British saying  “penny wise, pound foolish.” This means that someone makes a decision with small amounts of money (pennies) that end up making bad sense for affecting larger amounts of money, pounds,  as in Great British pounds. I was speechless. Divorce is complicated, especially if there is a great deal of money involved. Inheritance is sole and separate unless it is determined if “commingled.”  The definition of that word is subject to argument. It seems unwise to try and settle your divorce without knowing the law. How can you know what you can do without understanding the law that guides the nature of your property and how to divide it ?  $100 seems a small price to pay to figure out how to go forward with divorce issues.

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