November 26, 2019 Cindy Best

If you have a family that gives your children two Christmases every year, there are things you can do to help create peace for your children. You are the adult in the situation so it is up to you to make things go smoothly. Do not sweat the small stuff, the only thing that matters is peace and keeping everyone calm and conflict free. In a child’s mind, there is a lot going on during the holiday season so what do you really want the take away to be for your kids? Giving is as important as getting? You should be grateful. Count your blessings. Time together is golden. Being happy is a choice. A perfect table setting is most important. A perfect Christmas tree is critical. See what I mean? You can choose what is most important. You might want to consider what is most important, write it down, and keep it in the forefront if the turkey is dry, your child hates your cranberry salad, your former partner is 10 minutes late for drop off, the candle spills on your wooden table, your daughter wants to wear her sparkles on Christmas Eve, and your son gets scared visiting Santa Clause. Happy Holidays.


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