Pause the Petty

Cindy Best

It is never a good idea to be petty. But in the face of an unprecedented global pandemic that affects every aspect of everyones’ life, it is an especially bad time to be petty. Your children come back from parenting time with dirty clothes. So what. Your former spouse needs to change days for parenting time because of his job: so what.  You and your former spouse have a different idea about “social distancing” because you think it means staying 6 feet away from Mom when they visit her and she thinks it means 6 feet away from others, not including the family that is safe for them to visit. You then decide not to let her see the kids. Now this is a big deal. And while the health implications are anything but petty, handling it unilaterally is petty and then some. Then mother calls the police…now we have a mess but we didn’t have to do it this way. This whole chaotic drama started with petty. Try and work it out. Call. Email. Text. Zoom. Make a new agreement. Be nice. Be kind. And Pause the petty.

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