Online Divorce

Cindy Best

Does a divorce mean you have to go to court? How can I do it the easiest most simple way? Best Law Firm offers On Line Divorce. You go to the Online Divorce page, fill in a form and then we return the documents to you within a day. After that you simply file the documents, serve the other party, wait 60 days and then file the closing papers that include a divorce decree and maybe a property settlement agreement and a parenting agreement. Is it really just that simple? It can be, especially if the parties can work out the agreements…who gets the house and how, what about the kids?, what about the TVs and retirement plans? If you want more information you can talk with an attorney, read our Divorce Coach Book, or read our FAQs. This is all about making divorce easier, cheaper and less stressful while still making sure you understand your rights under the law. On Line Divorce is simple, easy, affordable and fast. We are unique and we can help.

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