Now What?

Cindy Best

So, another year has gone by and you are still unhappy. Over the holidays, he screamed at you and the kids. He even pushed you when he was drinking too much. The same old fights and the same old abuse. But you might be thinking that you don’t want to get divorced because you do not want to lose your children half time. You cannot stand the thought of him raising the kids to hate and berate you like he does. Sounds harsh. This story is not unusual in our business. And, yes, Arizona is a state that promotes the public policy of 50-50 custody for children in a divorce for 2 fit parents. But the key is that there has to be 2 fit parents. Being an abuser means the parent is unfit. There is a statute in Arizona that reads that a parent who commits significant domestic violence has a presumption against them for joint legal decision making and 50-50 parenting time. Best Law Firm offers a $100 consult to help answer your questions about domestic violence and your kids. Give us a call and get the facts. We wish you the best.

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