My Parents Are a Nightmare. Can a Court Really Order My Child to Spend Time With Them?

Cindy Best

After his divorce, Mark’s parents were very supportive of him and his relationship with his son, Benny. They were all very close. That is, until the day Mark summoned his courage and told his parents he was gay. That was the last time he ever talked to his parents. A year later, Mark is served with papers. His parents are seeking visitation time with Benny once a month. Mark is outraged. How can his parents disown him and expect to still see his son? If his parents disapprove of his lifestyle so strongly, what will they say to Benny?  Mark had hoped to shield Benny from their toxicity. Mark hires a lawyer and then asks the all-important question: Can the court order that Benny has to spend time with Mark’s parents? Yes, the lawyer says, it is possible that they could be awarded visitation. How can this be?

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