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Meet Our Experienced Team

Our experienced team at Best Law Firm has helped thousands of clients. We listen and we thrive on finding solutions.
We know family law and we understand what it takes to successfully resolve any family law issue.

Our Story

Learn why we do what we do

The Best Law was founded in 2007 by Cindy Best as she was going through her own divorce. Her divorce was very contentious and extremely stressful. At times she felt like her attorneys weren’t listening, they didn’t care, and they seemed unprepared. They appeared to lose track of facts and failed to communicate a coherent strategy. So, when Cindy founded the firm she focused on exceptional communication. She knew firsthand that good communication and a strategic game plan were the most valuable things she could offer clients. Cindy constructed a team that shares this vision. Cindy, along with the firm’s Partners – Robbie Hendricks and David Uffens, and Senior Attorneys – Stephen Vincent, Bryce Johnson and Jillian Hansen have built a reputation in the legal community for their outstanding, client-focused representation. Best Law Firm has helped thousands of clients successfully navigate the divorce process and we know we can help you too.

Meet Our Team

Our experienced team at Best Law Firm has helped thousands of clients. We
listen and we thrive on finding effective resolutions to help your family.

Cindy Best

Founding Partner
"It's a fun challenge to be creative and helpful for families moving forward through difficult times."

Robbie Hendricks

Managing Partner
"I enjoy helping people get through what will likely be the most difficult time of their lives."

David Uffens

"Family law allows me to talk with people who need my help to find ways to solve their legal problems."

Stephen Vincent

"I like helping people get through divorce as stress-free as possible."

Jillian Hansen

"I enjoy helping families through a challenging time in their lives and helping them with their children."

Bryce Johnson

"I like the opportunity to protect kids so they are kept safe and grow up in loving homes."

Jacob Raiff

"While a divorce is stressful, I like helping clients through this difficult time."

Ankita Gupta

"I like working with families and helping them through one of the worst times of their lives. "

D. Ladd Gustafson

"I enjoy family law because of the sense of satisfaction I feel when helping families."

Philomena S. Patiño

"I enjoy connecting with clients so that I am able to help them through stressful times."

Amanda Parsons

"I like being able to help people. I enjoy working with the courts and our attorneys"

Erin Runo

Office Manager
"I enjoy working with clients and providing a welcoming atmosphere for family law clients."

Dana Shipley

Client Relations Specialist
"I enjoy meeting every client who walks through the doors at Best Law Firm and look forward to meeting you!"

Kate McElory

Legal Assistant
"Working with people and their families brings me joy."


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