Mediation Hypothetical: Post-Decree

Cindy Best

Jackson and Jenna have three children, ages 8, 10, and 15. ?They have been divorced for four years and share joint legal custody, which allows both parents to be involved in major decisions of their children’s lives. ?Jack has a new job in Nebraska and is going to relocate. ?What happens to the parenting schedule of week on and week off? ?What about 15-year-old Annie, who does not want to ever visit Nebraska and has a summer job at the local Dairy Queen? ?Does Jack have to pay more child support, and how do they figure it out?

Jack and Jenna meet with a mediation attorney at Best Law Firm, who outlines and discusses various choices and options that the parents can choose from. ?The mediator has experience with this particular scenario and is able to offer some creative and flexible solutions that are positive for everyone. ?This mediation lasts the better part of the afternoon, and the parents leave with a Rule 69 agreement that they are going to keep, but not file with the court. ?You might recall that a Rule 69 agreement is a written signed agreement. ?It was drafted for them while they were in the office, and they took it with them when they left the mediation. ?They decided they did not want or need to file it with the court.

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