Mediate or Medicate?

Cindy Best

What is mediation? It is a method of settling disputes with the help of an experienced mediator. For divorce or custody matters, an experienced family law attorney can help you and your partner come to agreements. How can you mediate if your partner does not want to? You will have to try and explain that mediation saves money, saves time, saves stress and allows you and your partner to move forward by keeping control of your lives instead of turning the process over to two attorneys (who you pay to fight ) and then they present your case to a judge, who is a stranger to you, and that judge makes decisions about your family, your finances, and your children. Sounds complicated because it can be. Divorce is messy and stressful. You can do it the hard way or the easier way. It’s true that both of you choose need to choose mediation for it to be successful, but find out the benefits of mediation. You will be glad you did. Keep control of your lives and your finances.

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