Mediate Mediate What About the House?

Cindy Best

What is this all about? What if I would like my divorce to be done with the least amount of money? What if we have decided everything except one, how to divide the house? Best Mediation can help resolve this issue and give you each some suggestions that may fit your idea of settlement. Oftentimes in mediation we like to ask: what is most important to you? If, for instance, the wife’s most important issue is to keep the house and stay in the neighborhood and the husband’s most important issue is to keep the kids in the same school district. Perhaps a solution will be to assist one parent to stay in the house and help the other parent to move nearby. Maybe the parent staying in the house doesn’t care about the cars or the retirement plan and those issues can be trade offs for getting the house and neighborhood deal done. There are lots of pieces of the pie,  how you divide them up is the creative part of mediation. 

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