Madonna and Rocco

December 29, 2015 Cindy Best

Apparently, fifteen-year-old Rocco wants to live in London with his father instead of returning to NY to live with his mother, Madonna. A New York court has ordered him to return to NY. This is what would likely happen in Arizona. It does not mean that Rocco would never get to move to London, it just means that it could take some time. If Rocco’s case was in Arizona, his father would have to file for a modification and eventually the court would order a hearing. Young Rocco might be interviewed by a professional or perhaps he has already spoken with a therapist who will testify on his behalf. Children rarely speak directly with Judges. But teenagers, such as Rocco, have a great deal of influence of where they want to live as long is it is safe for them. All of this sounds very TVish, doesn’t it? But unfortunately, many children are in the middle of this very private decision. I often wonder if there is a better way, other than the courts to help families with these issues. Even if Rocco gets to go to London, his relationship with his mother is damaged. Imagine taking your living room conversation to a judge to help make decisions. Wouldn’t it be nice if parents could talk with each other, and or maybe a professional to help them make the best choice for their child? It is sad that Rocco has to be in the media over this kind of issue. It is family, it is private and it is sad. Maybe Rocco being so public will keep other kids out of court if the parents could just look to their kids’ needs make decisions based on them. I often suggest just trying a change temporarily, to see if it works and no one is giving up anything. Parents should want what works for their child, not what works for themselves. And kids really do have preferences of where they feel safe and secure and happy; if only the parents would listen.


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