Kids Have Ears

Cindy Best

Can you believe what a jerk their dad is? Can you believe what a jerk their mom is? Can you believe that he is so lazy? Can you believe she is so lazy? I know you really intend to say these things so your kids cannot hear you…or did you mean for them to hear you just a little bit?  Isn’t it time your six year old knew their parent had an affair or drinks too much or is just plain crazy? Really? Perhaps not. Maybe your child(ren) should grow up without anyone …especially a family member saying bad things about their other parent. You tell yourself that you never, never say anything bad around the kids; even though you know they are listening from the TV room. It is really no consolation to you as the adult to disparage the parent of your child. Remember, your child is half that other parent so what you say about the former spouse…you are saying about half your kid. So please just stop talking and stop pretending your kids do not hear you. They do. 

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