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About Jillian Hansen

A long time resident of Arizona, Jillian has a long background and extensive training in working with children and families. As a social work major at Arizona State University, Jillian interned with the Department of Child Safety for four years before accepting a full-time position with DCS upon graduation. It was through her position at DCS that Jillian realized her passion for family law. Soon thereafter, Jillian decided to attend law school at Louisiana State University. During her time in law school, Jillian interned at a family law firm and a juvenile defense firm, and gave legal aid to sexual assault victims as a student attorney. In her final semester, Jillian was sworn in as a student attorney and defended juvenile offenders as part of the Juvenile Defense Clinic.


Background & Accolades

  • Admitted in: Louisiana, 2017; Arizona, 2018
  • Undergraduate: Bachelor of Social Work from Arizona State University
  • Law School: Louisiana State University, J.D., D.C.L., 2017


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Client Reviews

Family Attorney

Posted by Caroline January 20, 2021

Jillian and the Best Law Firm have represented me for over 2 years. Their customer service and professionalism is superb. I feel very comfortable with their firm and don’t see any reason to go elsewhere.

Andrew S.

Posted by Leslie July 1, 2020

In my experience, Best Law Firm is the clear first choice for those seeking legal help with family law issues in the greater Scottsdale area. Their team of attorneys and staff are highly experienced, and they get results. If your divorce has a lot at stake, you want the best. If you want an attorney who is aggressive and who does not sleep until the work is done, but who can walk you through complex legal issues so that you stay on the same page- this is your firm. In particular, Mr. Hendricks and Mr. Vincent are fantastic. Going forward, I’ll trust this firm without reservation.

William C.

Posted by Leslie July 1, 2020

The team and Best Law Firm are such great people and even better attorneys. They are easy to work with and very professional.

Jillian & Best Law Firm

Posted by Alejandra May 8, 2020

Jillian is amazing in every way. She is patient, very detailed and gives an honest answer. She was very knowledgeable in my case and did represent me in one of the court hearings. Any issue or question I have has always been answered. I am super grateful to Jillian because I feel like I have someone by my side 100% of the time. I started with a consult with David and Stephen in 2018 and there have been many changes to my case. Jillian took over for David completely after I had some changes in my financial situation. Jillian has always been just as amazing as David. The most recent court hearing I had was this year in February. It went from having 50/50 parenting to my ex moving and wanting to unreasonably relocate my daughter with him. I called Best Law, gave them a quick note and a call back number. Not even an hour later Jillian called me back to get as much information as she could on this new update. She walked me through the steps on how to take this on and gave me options. Either way my ex and I would have to go to court to resolve this. I took the route of representing myself in court this time. Even though I took this option Jillian and the team were behind me rooting for me, giving me tips, and taking the time to explain things I did not understand. The meeting, phone conversations, and email correspondences I had with Jillian before the court date were detailed and she gave me a lot of pointers and told me what proper terms to use in court. I was able to provide my evidence and statement in court before the judge. The judge ordered me as the custodial parent. (Remember each case is different and outcomes vary!) I cannot thank Jillian enough for how much she helped me prepare for the court hearing. It is completely nerve wrecking to stand before a judge when you have no experience representing yourself. Jillian gave me such reassurance! To this day I have Jillian, and the firm on speed dial. I will be using them for the years to come as my situation seems to change constantly. I referring anyone who may be in the similar situation as me to them. I am forever grateful to have come across such caring people and law firm.

The best attorney I've come across

Posted by Aaron October 8, 2019

This is the 3rd attorney firm I have hired. The 1st one was too expensive. The 2nd one had no skill. This firm is amazing. The invoice is fair and they don’t nickle and dime you; in other words, they don’t pad the account. They are fighting tooth and nail and work diligently to conserve funds.

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