Is There a Good Way to Get Divorced?

February 18, 2020 Cindy Best

I would say, yes. The reason that divorces have a bad name is that people do not know the law, they do not understand the process, and they have unfounded fear and anxiety. All of that results in people not knowing how to settle or resolve issues fairly. How do you conquer all that? I recommend that you spend some time to get educated about divorce, the process and the law. It is helpful to know the law so you will know what the law says about your property division and what your legal rights are. For instance, once you know that all property acquired during the marriage is joint and should be divided equally and equitably, there is not much to argue about. If you realize that in Arizona, all retirement accumulated during marriage is split 50-50, there is not much to argue about. If you understand that all debt is split 50-50, there is nothing to argue about. So, know the law and understand the process to help yourself conduct your divorce with civility and realistic expectations.


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