In Arizona, what is an early resolution conference?

September 17, 2012 Cindy Best

There are two different conferences that the court will schedule. The conference that the court schedules will be determined on whether you or your spouse is represented by counsel. If neither you nor your spouse is represented by counsel, the court will schedule an Early Resolution Conference. If either you or your spouse is represented by counsel, the court will schedule a Resolution Management Conference.

As previously mentioned, the court will set an Early Resolution Conference anywhere from one to four months from the time the papers were served. The court will set this conference at a time that will fit in with their dockets. You will receive notification in the mail. On that order, you will also have directions ordering you to fill out a Resolution Management Statement before you arrive. If your order prescribes it, you may need to file this with the court before your conference and give a copy to the other party. When your early resolution conference is scheduled, it is important that you arrive at the correct courthouse at the correct time. You do not need to bring anything with you to the conference, unless the court requests otherwise.

At this conference, you will first meet with a court representative and the other party, if there has been no domestic violence. At that time, the court representative will talk with you and determine whether you are able to settle any issues. If you and your spouse are able to come to any settlement terms, the court representative will memorialize your agreements in writing and file them with the court. Be advised that if you do not attend your scheduled early resolution conference, you will be fined $100.00. Please refer to the information that you receive from the court, because the processes and procedures are likely to change.


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