I Lost My Job during the Pandemic: Spousal Maintenance and Child Support

March 23, 2020 Cindy Best

Yes, this is absolutely an unprecedented and stressful time. What happens if you get laid off or lose your job during this pandemic? No one knows for sure of the outcome, but the courts are still open and lawyers are still practicing. Our firm has instituted video conferencing and telephone consults, as an example. So, if you have suddenly lost your job, you might have to consider modifying your child support and/or your spousal maintenance. My guess is that we would go about it the same way we always have. First, see if the loss of job meets the legal standard for a modification. Child support is generally modifiable. Spousal maintenance is different: if you have an agreement for spousal maintenance, you most likely have language in the final paperwork that the payment are non modifiable. Can they still be modified? Who knows,  but there are equitable arguments to be made that it could possibly be modified.  Then, at Best Law, we would contact the other side and see if we could work out a solution short of filing any litigation papers or going to court. If that was unsuccessful we could attempt mediation and have a third party help resolve the dispute without going to court. I think it is key that we avoid stress as much as possible. That makes us healthier and it saves money. We are here to help. Stay safe everyone.


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