I Hate The World

October 1, 2019 Cindy Best

If you are in the middle of a divorce, you may feel like you hate the world. You are angry all the time, you are grumpy, you are short with people. But you might consider taking a step back and wondering how you got to where you are and analyze the situation. Who are you really angry at? What are you really angry about? You might consider that your situation was created by you. It didn’t just drop out of nowhere. It was not an accident that you married who you married. You might have seen red flags that you ignored. Or you might truly be surprised about how miserable this person has made you and you may be justified at being angry at your spouse. You will need to work through that anger so you can move forward. But you know who you should not be angry at? Your attorney. The court. The judge. The other attorney. The system. The world. It does you no good to have misdirected anger. And, as an attorney I can tell you that we are trying our best to help you in a bad situation and your anger at us is misplaced. Honestly, we did not create your life as we see it. We are on your team and trying to help you. So, please consider how counterproductive it is to hate the world.


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