I Don’t Know Anything About Fences

Cindy Best

Let’s suppose that I am thinking about building a fence around my yard. I know I do not want a block wall, it is not that kind of neighborhood. But I have never put up a fence and I have no idea what to do. So, how does one start such a project? I called fence companies and talked to them. I searched the web. I read about fences. I talked to neighbors. Sounds a bit like trying to find a good attorney. But I can tell you that I immediately knew what fence company I wanted to deal with because one never called back, one put me on hold for a very long time and then sounded like I was bothering them. I chose the fence company with the cheery voice, the excellent service, and the responsiveness to my questions. You know good service when you get it. So I still do not know a whole lot about fences but I know enough to pick the right company to do the job. And, no I am no longer really talking about fences but I think you already knew that.

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