How To Get A Divorce? What Is Your Road Map?

Cindy Best

So, you are thinking about divorce. What is first? It is hard to consider such a life changing event but you should not travel alone through this process. You go to the Grand Canyon and you might use your navigation or Google Maps. You do not want to get lost. Sometimes you use these maps just to go across town. And, if you are like me, you often make a list to go to the grocery store. So now, for everyday events, you make a to do list and you make out your route. Put these two things together and you have the start to your divorce. One question that I like to ask clients is what is most important to them, where do they want to end up? In other words, are you going to the Grand Canyon or just across town. You need to know where you want to go so you can route your map. You need to have an idea of how you want your divorce to go. What is you don’t know exactly? Keep thinking. You really need to have a “perfect world” idea of how you want your world to look after your divorce. Now what to do with this map and to do list? Go spend the $100 and get a legal consultation so you know if your route is possible and you take your to do list and see if that makes legal sense. You often look at Trip Advisor or some other site so you gather information before you go on the trip. Take your questions (your to do list) and ask an experienced family law attorney for help. They can get you started so you can route your map. Good luck and safe travels.

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