How To Be a Good Client

Cindy Best

“Does it really matter if I am a good client?” I think it really helps you help yourself if you are a good client. Attorneys will do the work, care about your case, and want to have a positive outcome. But what changes if you are a good client? The attorney is more enthusiastic, more patient, and more likely to go that extra mile that you never even realize.

How To Be a Good Client

Have questions written down. See a counselor if you are having stress and anger issues. Do not use your lawyer as your counselor. Do not call or email for petty things. Listen. Follow the advice of your attorney, especially about being calm and collected during court hearings and mediation. Get rid of your anger. Tell the truth. Understand that attorneys are expensive. Know about your billing ahead of time. Know how you can save money with your lawyer. Be kind. Speak nicely to him or her. Be polite to the entire team at the law office. Treat your lawyer the way you would like to be treated. And, if your attorney does not treat you with respect, move on. Respect is a two way street.

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