How is Child Support Calculated?

October 4, 2013 Cindy Best

Child support can be easily calculated under the Arizona Child Support Guidelines after several other variables have been determined. Specifically, the following information is required to calculate child support:

1. Each parent’s monthly gross income

Gross income includes: receipt of spousal maintenance, Social Security, workman?s compensation, severance pay, commissions, disability benefits, unemployment benefits, retirement plans, interest, self-employment, bonuses, gifts, prizes (lottery winnings), rental income, trust income, pensions, annuities, dividends and capital gains.

2. The amount of spousal maintenance paid or received by either parent

3. The amount of court-ordered child support paid by one parent for support of children not common to the other parent

4. The cost to one parent of supporting children not common to the other parent

5. The amount of the medical insurance premium for the children

6. The child care expenses

7. The physical custody schedule

Calculation of child support never includes a new marriage partner, only the two parents of the child.


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