How do you serve the other party with dissolution documents in Arizona?

Cindy Best

“Service” is the technical name for the other party receiving from you the documents that you have filed. Arizona courts require one party to show proof that the other person was served. In today’s legal world, service does not have to be done with a process server. Instead, you can simply mail the documents to the other party, if applicable.

One option that is cheap is hand-delivery and an Acceptance of Service form. If you and your spouse are amicable, hand-delivery is a good option. This means that you can give the other party all six or eight documents. If you use this method, you do not send the original Summons that you received from the court clerk when you initially filed your documents. At the same time you give the other party the papers, you should also give them an Acceptance of Service form to fill out. This form must be signed by the receiving party either in front of a notary or the court clerk. If the receiving party signs the documents in front of a notary, you should file their acceptance of service with the court after making a copy for your records.

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