How Do I Get Divorced?

Cindy Best

It may seem like divorce should be a simple process but it is not. One of the factors that makes divorce easier is to have two spouses who can make agreements on how to live apart. You have spent your marriage combining parts of your life and now you have to separate them. It is important to know some basic Arizona law so you know what your rights are. You and your spouse can decide to follow the letter of the law or your can make your own agreements. It helps to know a starting point about community property law. People tend to need to know basics like what to do with the house, the kids, and who pays who and how much. Fear and anxiety are not your friends and getting answers to these questions can make you feel safe and less fearful. So, divorce is a paperwork event but knowing what you would like to get out of the divorce and how you would like to divide everything is a good starting point. The more you know, the calmer you will probably feel. A consultation with an experienced attorney would be a good start. Bring your questions, write them down, grab a cup of coffee and meet with someone who can help you.

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