Hold Down the Fort

Cindy Best

Should you hold down the fort? I thought I’d touch on what to do if you are going through a divorce and you cannot decide whether to move right away or stay and hold down the fort. If you’ve had conversations with people (not attorneys) you’ve heard it all: if you move, you lose your home, if you move, you’ll lose your kids, if you move, the judge will think you are wrong, if you move, you will lose custody. None of these statements are true as they stand. It is more complicated than that. But if tensions are high, one of you should consider defusing the situation and relocating. But caution: if you are the one who moves; you might want to know that most judges will suggest that you cannot just arbitrarily return. The other side can change the locks and assert control over the “fort.” It will all be decided at the end of the day who gets what and how so it is important to know whether to hold down the fort or not.

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