Football Teams Have a Game Plan Every Week

Cindy Best

All football teams have game plans, every single week for each opposing team. They know their opponents strengths and weaknesses and how to best play against them to score touchdowns and field goals. They have special plays for the end of the game and the end of the second quarter. They have special plays for on side kicks. They have a game plan and it is written down and carried around on clip boards during the game. So, what does this have to do with your divorce? Your divorce needs a game plan. If your attorney does not have a game plan, you might rethink this “coach.”  Every one of our clients has a current game plan and it changes with the events of the case. The overall game plan is set out in writing and the details might change with the court, the other side, new issues, and anything else that comes up that changes things. There is always a written game plan so the client and the attorney both know what is going on. A game plan is peace of mind.

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