Dress the Part

Cindy Best

You want to be taken seriously when you are in the courtroom, right? First, dress the part. When you see a judge in court, you want to present yourself so that the judge knows this is a very important matter to you. We always request that our clients show up to court looking professional.

Women should dress nicely, with either a suit or other dressy clothes. We often tell our clients to dress like they are going to church. Do not wear jeans, low-cut blouses or shorts. As for shoes, do not wear flip-flops or tennis shoes; nice sandals or heels are fine.

Men should wear a suit with a tie. While we know you may not even own a suit, your court hearings are important and you want to start out with a good impression. If you absolutely cannot get or borrow a suit, we recommend nice pants with a blazer or sport coat and tie. Again, men should not wear jeans, sweatpants, jogging suits or shorts. As for men?s shoes, do not wear flip-flops, sandals or tennis shoes.

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