Don’t Beat Yourself Up

Cindy Best

I have talked with hundreds of clients over the years and I often hear them beat themselves up. Generally, it is done by people who have been the victims of domestic violence.  They tell me things they are not proud of, things they are ashamed of and things they are very sad about. I am no counselor, I do not pretend to be. But as attorneys, we cannot fix the past, we cannot correct any mistakes you might have made. We encourage our clients to stop kicking themselves, to understand that people make mistakes. People should be proud that they are making new decisions to help their lives move forward in a positive way. On the legal side, at least, we can help you with that process. You can only look forward and vow to make better decisions. Perhaps learn from your past mistakes but don’t camp out with them. Let them go and focus forward and focus on the positive. It is often much more difficult to get out of a bad situation than to just sit and take it. It takes courage and you should be proud of yourself for that. Not everyone has that kind of courage. And courage is what you need to remove yourself from a domestic violence relationship. Hopefully that courage will help you find peace.

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