Dogs are not Children

December 15, 2015 Cindy Best

I read that Mandy Moore is asking for help from her ex to help care for her dogs and cats. I hope that they do not ask or need help from a judge to decide this matter. It does point out, however, how many things there are to fight about in a divorce. Really? Dogs and cats? Are they the new toasters? You know what I mean by toasters, right? People actually fight over toasters? I have never had a “toaster” case but I did have a “crock pot” case and I just offered to buy another crock pot to end all the misery. It was worth it to me and my firm to pay the $20.00. But I have never had a major disagreement over pets…because I refuse to allow people to get so petty. And, as patient as judges are, I would be embarrassed to ask a judge to help any family decide how to feed pets. With that said, spousal maintenance in Arizona depends on many factors including “reasonable expenses” which could include care of pets. But from what I have read in the media they are not fighting about who gets them, only fighting about who has to pay to care and feed for them. I really hope that they can work this out. I am sure that 2 intelligent people with 2 attorneys should be able to solve such a problem. It is after all, not exactly like trying to solve world peace.


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