Does Your Attorney Care?

Cindy Best

Do you care if your attorney cares? It may not be important to you but if it is, you have some things to think about. You will know if your lawyer cares when you ask the hard questions and they give you the hard answers. For instance, how much will a divorce cost? A salesperson might suggest that you tell the client something vague and ambiguous. A lawyer who cares might actually express the reality which is: it depends on the other side, the other attorney and the court. But it could cost $2,000 or $10,000 or more if there is a lot of fighting and one side refuses to negotiate and settle. A lawyer who does not care will tell you will win. A lawyer who is truthful will tell you that the judge is the final decision maker and we do all we can to tell our story to the judge and provide the evidence to help him or her make a decision in your favor. If you are asking for something impossible, a caring lawyer will not litigate that issue. A lawyer who just wants your money will take any course of action you ask. It is not that hard to know if your attorney cares, it becomes pretty obvious to you after a meeting or two.

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