Does Experience Matter When I Pick An Attorney?

July 5, 2019 Cindy Best

Yes, the short answer. It matters if your attorney has seen your issue before and if they have been able to be successful in a similar situation. Does it matter if I know the law? Yes, it does. You can always decide to do something different than the law, but it helps to know the law first. For instance, you and your spouse agree that you can stay in the house but you cannot afford it. Wife decides to let you stay in it and pay you for the house within 3 years. Understand that the law does not allow for these kind of details but the parties can make this agreement anyway. Let’s also say that you all want to waive child support, it is possible to do. Does it matter how much an attorney costs? Yes, it does. It is important that you can afford your attorney and you can discuss these details before you retain them. But price of an attorney does not really tell you about their experience and ability to handle their case. So, just as in buying anything, value matters.


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