Do-It-Yourself vs. Seeking advice of an Attorney

November 4, 2011 Cindy Best

There is a justifiable argument on both sides of this debate. After all, there are? Self-Service Centers? being developed and opened up more and more in courts throughout the land. They are also surely a very assistive and helpful department and Do-It-Yourself Divorce forms are usually also downloadable via the Internet as well. All this may seem to make legal matters very simple.

It is just as easy to fall into the trap of thinking you can handle your own divorce proceedings through the courts and that is where the very dangers lie. Using these template legal forms (and the instructions that are also available) provide many reasons that the best approach to any legal matter makes seeking the advice of an attorney the practical and usually less costly approach. Here are merely a few:

1. When you represent yourself in Court, you are held to the very same standard of an attorney when you deal with our legal system;

2. Simply, you do not know what you do not know and not knowing can, and usually does, lead to those costly mistakes I have described above that have the potential of haunting you for years to come;

3. Experience shows that although you may think you know and understand those forms, chances are that you probably do not understand the legal significance they have. Forms do NOT anticipate future problems or provide protection from them and forms do not counsel you on the possible additional legal documents that may be required.

4. Non-lawyers are, by law, barred from giving you legal advice, suggest legal strategies, or advise you of your legal rights.

As attorneys, we are here to guide you through the legal process of divorce with you and WITHOUT the emotional stress that is inherent in matters of this type. Our clients benefit from peace of mind, answers to their questions, and done in the strict confidence of attorney-client privilege. Best of all our attorneys and staff are available when necessary in dealing with the sensitive nature sometimes unfortunately common to a divorce proceeding. The BEST LAW FIRM prides itself in being here to help you help yourself. We are committed to resolving problems and issues not add to them.


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